Angel Tibeta – Beauty that does not require confirmation!

Welcome to the “Angel Tibeta” Tibetan Mastiff Kennel.
Our Kennel has been engaged in breeding of one of the world’s most beautiful breeds, the Tibetan Mastiff, for many years.

We aim at breeding high quality and healthy dogs, who become not only pets, but also the best companions, true friends and incorruptible guards of the family and the house.

The first acquaintance with the Tibetan Mastiffs and subsequently the birth of our Kennel started with Pitomec Gigant Al Capone, a beautiful male, who found himself in our house.
Thanks to Capone, we fell in love both with him and the breed in general, and he became a full member and a defender of our family. His natural qualities and high intelligence let us communicate in the language of mutual understanding, loyalty and love. While Pitomec Gigant Al Capone was growing up with us, we got to know his character, his habits and the guarding characteristics of a Tibetan Mastiff. Naturally, the first thing we took was an obedience-training course. 

We wanted to learn as much as possible about the breed: its history, the types of the Tibetan Mastiffs, the methods of communication and education. In order to get to know other representatives of the breed and their owners, we started to take part in the dog shows and even bought a minivan to transport dogs from the Leningrad region. Realizing the desire and possibilities in further work with the breed, we decided to open our own Kennel and start breeding Tibetan Mastiffs. Today, our dream has come true.
Now, there are three dogs and three bitches in the Kennel, and they have the blood of outstanding European, American, Chinese and Russian dogs.

Our Kennel is located near Saint-Petersburg, Russia, in an ecologically clean area of Leningrad region.
Due to a sufficiently big territory of the Kennel, our dogs enjoy a possibility to spend much time in the fresh air, which undoubtedly has a positive impact on their health, development and appearance.
Proper and well-balanced food and necessary vitamin complexes help us breed healthy, strong and beautiful dogs.
We have built a delivery room for the future mothers in the Kennel. When puppies turn one month, they move to a separate house where they have all the conditions for further growth and development. At the Kennel premises, we have an area with a large number of educational toys for our young mastiffs. There is also a specially equipped bathroom where we can wash our pets or get them ready for the show.

We approach dog breeding with great responsibility. The Kennel is basing on linear breeding that aims at concentrating of all the best characteristics of the ancestors in the offspring. 

It should be noted that our dogs received multiple awards and became the winners of international, monobreed and all-Russia shows, at which the experts that were judging our dogs underlined the high quality and beauty of our dogs in their descriptions and highly ranked them. 

Our dogs hold many titles: the Champions of Russia and many other countries, Champions of RKF, Champions of Europe, Interchampions, Junior Worlds Champions as well as many others. 
We are particularly proud of our real star, great breeder and simply our beloved beauty 
Сhenporewa Lucky Lasya that has won many champion titles, including the World Champion 2013 and the European Champion 2015
Another dog, Legenda Tibeta Plyushevaya Printsessa Severa, has received the Junior World Champion title in 2014

All the dogs of our Kennel take the main training course in obedience.
All our dogs are compulsorily tested for the absence of hip and elbow joints dysplasia, they have international eye health certificates indicating that the dogs do not have cataracts or glaucoma.

All our dogs get along with people well and are very sociable.

We hope and we believe that with our help you will be able to find a noble friend, a devoted defender, a fearless guard and a great companion. With a Tibetan Mastiff, you will always feel comfortable and protected. Take a look at the colourful and vivid photos we have on our site, they will help you get the first impressions of this wonderful breed. If you want to enjoy communicating with these dogs, come visit us in our Kennel, there you will be able to get to know the dogs of this noble breed. 

We will be glad to help you find your own Tibetan Mastiff!
High-quality progeny with love:

The main aim of Angel Tibeta Kennel is the promotion of Tibetan Mastiffs, show activities and breeding of healthy, strong and beautiful representatives of the breed.

The quality of the progeny is of high importance to us, thus we stick to the following principles in breeding:
– genetic health, i.e. the absence of inherited diseases. All our dogs are have the certificates of hip and elbow joints dysplasia tests.
– breeding of high-quality dogs in accordance with the breed standard.
– exclusivity – we are not “farming”, we take breeding as a highly responsible and thoughtful process, opposed to simple reproduction. 

All the Tibetan Mastiff puppies born in our Kennel:
  1. get registered
  2. have personal identification tattoos
  3. get chipped
  4. have puppy pedigrees
  5. take vermicides and are vaccinated
  6. are surrounded with care, attention and much love

The future owners of the puppies receive written recommendations for taking care of the puppy. In summer, the Kennel holds outdoor meetings with the Kennel dogs with buffet provided.
We do not cooperate with intermediaries.
Breeder ot the kennel “Angel Tibeta”, 
Yana Shisharina